As a young player who wants to achieve a lot, you will hear people telling you all sorts of things about your love for soccer and the passion to become a soccer player. Those who really care about you and are honest about you as a soccer player will tell you that you should learn the game before you begin it. On the other hand, others tell you that you don’t need any training. However, in the streets and locally, it might seem that you are the best with your raw skills. However, when you face the international players, the things are completely different.

It’s a completely new world with each player performing with the utmost precision. That’s where you need to be on top of your game. The raw talent from the street might not be enough to face such talented players who play with 100% precision. That’s where you realize that soccer coaching is extremely important for you. In fact, to think that it is an option would be wrong. You should consider it as an integral part of your soccer career. Here are some reasons why you should consider soccer coaching before you start playing.

Polish Your Existing Skills

The first thing that you have to know is that you have some skills and talents to begin with. Every soccer player in the world has some skills that they possess before they even join club or academy for learning further. These skills are not unimportant. In fact, they are the most important things in your career as they make you “you”. Without them, you are like any other player in the world. So, if you want to make the best of the skills you already have, you have to work with a coach who can guide you on polishing them.

Unless you have received proper training and coaching, you can’t really decide which direction you have to go in to use those skills and talents. You have them in you but their expression has to be directed. At the same time, if you keep using the same skill over and over, it becomes useless and predictable. It is your coach who can guide you in the right direction.

Gain New Skills

The set of skills you have right now might not be enough for you to land in an international match. That’s where a coach comes in. They teach you a lot of new skills that complete you as a player. The skills you already have might be enough for certain scenarios and situations. However, any other situations in which your raw skill is not enough require you to learn a new one. A soccer coach can teach you those skills so you are prepared for any type of situation in the field. This allows you to better serve the position that you are in when you play with your team. It also prepares you to face multiple opponents surrounding you from all sides when you are running with the ball.

In simple words, the skills you already possess might only be 30% of the skills you need in the game. The rest of the 70% skills are instilled in your game by your coach. Again, you need the right coach to put those skills in your game and make use of them.

Have Mental Strength

They say soccer and any other sport in the world is more about your mental strength and less about your physical strength. The more time players spend on the field, the more they seem to agree with that statement. Unless you have the mental capacity to face your opponents in a stadium full of hundreds of thousands of chanting fans, and millions of other people who have expectations from you from around the world, you can’t really perform at all. Keep in mind that every player on the field has gone through training and a long learning curve. However, many of them fail to perform when they are taken into international teams.

The only reason they are not able to showcase their skills in those games is that they are not mentally prepared for the pressure. If someone tells you the pressure is not enough, they are simply lying to you because there is nothing quite like the pressure of playing in front of millions of fans.

Discover Your Position

When you haven’t received any soccer coaching or training, you are just playing the game without any proper thought to your position. You have some great trick shots, you run fast, and you probably do some other things that are better than your peers. However, which position you can best use your skills is not clear to you. This is yet another area where you have to get the help of your coach. Unless your position is decided, you can’t really learn to play soccer. You have to have a particular strategy and that strategy must coincide with the role or position you are given in the field.

If you are a midfielder, you are not supposed to perform like a defender because the team already has 4 of them. If you are a defender, you can’t act like an attacker because the team already has 2 forwards. The nuances that separate these roles and positions are best explained by a coach, especially the one who has played soccer themselves. They can tell you which skills you have to work on and which shots you must possess to be the best in your position. Without this knowledge and training, you are just a player without any direction in the game.

Avram Grant Soccer Coaching

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