Have you made up your mind about joining our soccer coaching program? At avramgrant.net, we assure you that the training you get will positively impact your soccer playing skills and you will notice that within days if not hours. We are not about claims. Instead, we are all about giving you the training that changes things in your game as quickly as possible.

Our program is run by some of the best soccer coaches in the world who have made a name due to their bold and effective approach in training individuals. The experience they have is enough for them not only to train young individuals but also the people who are trying to become coaches themselves. Let’s take a look at how our coaching program trains you into a great soccer player.

Helping You Pick the Right Program  

If you contact us, we can provide you with all the help you need in picking the right program. Keep in mind that we have two categories of soccer coaching programs. Firstly, we have the program that focuses on training individuals to become great soccer players. The other part of the program is focused on people who want to become soccer coaches. If you are just at the starting stages of soccer coaching, you will learn a lot from people who have providing their coaching services to hundreds and thousands of students around the world. Now, the other thing you have to know is that there are multiple layers of the program in each category.

If you pick the soccer player category, you again have multiple programs to pick from based on your experience. If you are new to soccer, you can start with the very basic program. However, if you have already played the game for many years, you can start with an advanced program. The same applies to the soccer coaching category of our program.

Helping You Pick Your Position

An important part of our soccer coaching is that you will be getting a lot of help in picking the right position for you. Here are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind. First, while playing in streets, you might not have thought about a particular position for you. Second, even if you have picked a position for you, it is not clear if that position is the best one for you. The best thing you can do here is to let the coach decide that for you based on your skills. Your coach can tell you which position you should take and then start working on polishing those specific skills.

It is very important to hone your skills in a particular direction right from day one. If you are not sure about your position on the field, you will never be able to fit anywhere. Keep in mind that all 11 players in a football team have their designated positions. So, you have to prepare yourself for the international format and we will help you pick the position that is best suited to your soccer skills.

A Program Divided in Steps

The worst types of soccer coaching programs are those that just keep happening. They don’t have any stages or milestones so you just don’t know when to learn and what. You attend those programs, get the coaching from a coach, and come back with something every day. However, you soon forget everything that you have learned because you never find any application of those points. That’s why soccer coaching needs to be done in multiple stages. You will be glad to know that avramgrant.net has designed its programs with progress in mind.

We are sure that by the time we are done with one stage, you will be ready for the second stage. We can then transition you from one stage to another and continue to do so unless you have become a professional soccer player. Each program has been divided in multiple steps so you can work on different types of skills and parts of your game.

Proper Training and Tests

It is not wise to think that you will keep on training and never take tests to show how much you have learned. We make tests an important part of our training and our coaches will always make sure that they give you tests to show that you have learned something. So, when you join a program, you will spend a few days learning a particular skill. After that, you will be given a test by your coach in which they will measure the progress you have made. You will only proceed once you have shown that you have learned the previously given lessons.

After you have cleared the test, you can move on to the next step of the program. You will now receive some more training that is focused on a particular skill or shot in the game. You will keep learning it until there is a test and you clear the test.

Competitions and Matches

Can a program be complete if there are no matches for you to test your skills? Even a test is not enough to test your true skills because you don’t have the type of pressure on you that you have when you play in front of a live crowd and against real opponents. To help you with this part, once you have learned enough, we match you up with other teams and make you play against them. Rest assured that these teams have the same professional level that you have so you don’t feel overpowered at any point.

If you are able to perform well in these matches, you are already in the eyes of your coach and other guests who attend such events. If they see you doing something special, they will definitely get in touch with the coach and ask about you, and probably give you a chance.

Sign up with Avram Grant Soccer Coaching today and set the foundation of you getting picked as a player for your favorite club and team.