If you are new to soccer or are planning to become a professional soccer player, then there are many things you have to change in your playing style. If you are knew, then things would be quite easier but your patience will be tested if you have been playing soccer for a while but have decided to go professional now.

The difference between playing soccer for fun and as a profession is very large. This is when playing soccer for fun, you do not tend to follow many rules or have no one to guide/coach you on how to play or score goals.

On the other hand, the professional soccer realities are much more detailed and demanding. You have to abide by all the rules and there are so many self-reforms you have to make before you can step into the professional soccer field.

It has been established that many non-professional soccer players tend to repeat the same mistakes that are discovered only when they play on a professional level.

Therefore, if you are also eager to start a professional career, it is best you fix such mistakes yourself rather than have your coach highlight them for you. This way, you may not only lose the confidence of the management that they have in you but they may also bench you for an uncertain amount of time.

It is possible that you may find yourself making some of the mistakes and fixing them may greatly improve your field performance.

Mistake When Striking the Ball

Most of the times, the players tend to make a mistake of shooting the ball with a poor touch. This happens because the players do not pay much attention to their set up touch. As they do not fix or improve their positioning set up, it becomes a poor point for them.

Most of the times, the players try and shoot the ball from a small distance between them and the ball. According to the professionals, the players must touch the ball in a way that the ball moves 2 to 4 feet away from them.

As per many professional soccer players, it is the best distance that allows a player with enough time to shoot the ball in the right position. Adhering to this rule helps you unleash your actual shooting power. If the distance is less or more than the mentioned space, then the right distance must be adjusted before the shoot is taken.

This is something that once fixed, can help the players build up enough force to shoot the ball off the hands of the goalkeeper into the net.

Avoid Transferring the Ball to Someone who is Under Pressure

If a player has the chance to pass the ball to two of his teammates where one is better skilled than the other, he needs to do another check. The player has to analyze which player is under more pressure than the other.

It is safe to pass the ball over to a player who is less skilled than transfer to a highly experienced/skilled player who is under pressure. A player who is under a lot of pressure is nothing more than a liability and can ruin your entire teamwork.

Therefore, pass the ball to someone who is under less stress or pressure. Such a player can easily take the ball and pass it back to you so the play can continue.

Another better option is to look for a player who is open to your pass and is at a longer distance. This way, you can even avoid taking the risk of passing to someone who you think may end up giving the ball away to the opponents.

Be at the Right Position to Receive the Ball

Never take lightly of your opponents even if it is a club or a team much smaller or inexperienced than yours. Most importantly, never consider yourself superior among other players whether they are in your team or in the opposition.

Always adhere to the game strategy that your manager has laid out. Do not go off running and positioning yourself where you think is suitable for you to score a goal.

Position yourself right where your teammates and the strategy designates you to be. If you do not do it, you will only end up ruining the entire game for your team and it will highlight you as a greedy player.

The moment you see your team moving, do not slack off and run alongside them so they have you when they want to pass the ball. Timing is extremely sensitive and important when playing soccer and it can make or break your entire game.

Avoid standing behind the defenders and be as open as you can for your teammates to pass you the ball. If you do not follow the instructions, there is a high chance you may end up on the bench.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Remember, positioning yourself for the ball is not the only thing you have to keep in mind. You also have to make sure that you pay a closer look to your surroundings. Make sure that you keep looking around to see where other players have positioned themselves.

Imagine, receiving the ball in a position where you have to turn and run to the opposite direction and you have no idea whom you would find as you turn.

This can be a very disastrous situation if you turn and find a defender charging towards you. The fierce running of the defender can catch you off-guard and cause some heavy damage.

Therefore, if you happen to receive the ball and you haven’t looked around before receiving it, pass it back to the same player or another player in your reach.

This way, you can pass the ball and position yourself better after looking out for any opposing defenders. This way, you not only form a strong communication and bond with your teammates but also demonstrate your careful thinking while being on the field.

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