Almost every genuine website you see on the internet has been started by someone who once faced a problem and then decided to create a solution for it. That’s what makes people genius and be remembered forever. The start of is also a story that began with someone having troubles getting to what they loved the most.

A problem was identified and the person who faced the problem decided to do something about it rather than changing their dreams and path. In other words, the creation of has a reason behind it. It has not been started to jump on any bandwagon.

The Beginning

You can say that the concept of came into being when Avram Grant, a soccer coach, was not able to become what he wanted to be. He was a great soccer player, often getting compliments from his friends for his great skills. However, conditions at home, financial restrictions, and other things stopped him from becoming a soccer player. He knew he had it in him, but the circumstances never allowed him to follow his dream.

However, once he suffered at the hands of fate, he made up his mind that he was not going to let any other players have the same misfortune. That’s when he started coaching people. His coaching programs are all about training individuals to become hard soccer players who never lose hope and find a way to make things work. He even trains people who want to be soccer coaches.

The Mission

Today, our mission is to bring the best of soccer coaching programs to individuals who are direly in need. They look at their favorite players and think why they can’t be like them. We take a vow every day to change that belief and help every player believe that they can be a soccer star some day.

The Vision

We aim to be an online hub of resources that can help every person in the world learn soccer not only as a player but as a coach as well. We bring soccer tips and tricks in one place to help people learn the most valuable things. We have programs that can turn ordinary players into legacy-leaving soccer stars.

The Core Values

The start of was someone’s passion for soccer. They were not faking it or had a privileged life to make money from coaching. They were in a position when they also wanted to be a soccer player. When he couldn’t, he started this campaign that contains a lot of soccer coaching programs to help others realize their dreams.

We like to stay loyal, fair, and honest with the players who want to learn soccer. At the same time, we work on only the techniques that work in real life, and not just on papers. We also believe that a personal connection with the coach is crucial to a student’s learning process so we don’t install any barriers. All our students are able to communicate with their coach directly and the way they want.